Feminism. Porn industry. Hollywood.


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It’s no secret that Hollywood still struggles with creating significant, complex roles for women. But if you ask Stoya, the porn industry is a bit further ahead, the adult film star told HuffPost Live:

“It’s actually less of a rarity to see the lead female character be the most interesting thing in a production in porn than it is to see in Hollywood and independent [film] and television. That’s one of the things where typical porn actually is pretty feminist. The women are the stars. So if you’re going to focus a movie around your star and they’re female, it sort of inherently does tend to drag along a little more complexity”.

Stoya and fellow adult actress Kayden Kross recently struck out on their own and founded TRENCHCOATx, a porn site with a pay-per-scene model that gives users more choices about what and how much they buy. Statistics show how hard it is for women to climb the production ranks in Hollywood, but it’s quite common for performers to take control of their own work in pornography, Kross explained to HuffPost Live’s Ricky Camilleri. (1)


Behind the phenomena there lies the essence of things. And that essence is destroyed every time it reaches the surface which we all see and talk about. One must look deep into the ocean. Beneath the scary waves of the dark sea, there lies the truly magnificent cosmos of peace and beauty. Society has created “good” jobs. To hind what are it’s true problems. Porn stars. Business analysts. Astronauts. Who can see better the world, than the one who stands at the deep bottom of it?

Porn. Desk jobs. Astronauts.

Does it really make such a difference? Does it matter what you call yourself if you are a slave? Does it matter how you call yourself when you are not?

Anything with a layer of “good” can be bad. Most things with a layer of “bad” are good. Do not trust the phenomena. Do not look at the waves. Try to stare deep into the ocean’s deep. Look at the despicable. And you will find pride. Look at the dirty. And you will find shinning gold. Stop feeling sorry for the porn industry workers. Start feeling sorry for the Secretaries of State and the Hollywood “stars”…


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