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Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music (Nietzsche)

Philosophy Articles of Spiros Kakos

This list of some of the most important philosophy-related articles I have written (articles in Greek are also included) is a non-exhaustive list. This is a good place to start from if you wish to examine the wisdom of Harmonia Philosophica. Please search through the portal deeper in order to find more articles that might interest you.

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> HOW TO READ philosophy in Harmonia Philosophica: “Brain, Mind and How to read Harmonia Philosophica.<

Core Articles

> HOW TO READ philosophy in Harmonia Philosophica: “A farmer, apples and how to read Harmonia Philosophica<

Other Philosophy Articles



Mind/ Consciousness


Biology/ Life


Religion vs. Science debate TIPs n’ TRICKS…

(how to win your atheist friend in a debate)


Reality/ Existence

Against ecology


Against technology



Scientific theories, dogmas, assumptions and tricks… [+ science philosophy]

Modern science & Modern civilization

PHILOSOPHY SNAPSHOTS: New philosophy blog, with small and intuitive philosophy… snapshots!

A quality philosophy fast food for everyone…

Medicine related

Friendly art blog: .ars gratia animae.

Philosophy Snapshots

Look at the right-side menu for more articles. Use the Search tool to look for specific articles, or browse the posts with the help of the Categories widget.

Harmonia Philosophica Blogger Articles

Look also at Harmonia Philosophica Blogspot for (c) Philosophy WIRES – Commenting world news from philosophy’s perspective… At Harmonia Philosophica Blogspot portal you can also find more philosophy articles related to science, religion, consciousness et cetera!

See below for a list of those articles:


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